Positron emission tomography (PET) is a type of nuclear medicine used to assess all types of cancers, including metastatic diseases and tumors. At Hunterdon Imaging PA in New Jersey, we can help provide the accurate diagnosis and evaluation of your condition and suggest a plan of action to ensure you get the best treatment possible. By utilizing both PET and CT scans, we can receive detailed images of any abnormalities occurring in your body’s organs and tissues.

Our office offers a caring and friendly environment that’s an excellent alternative to hospitals, so you’ll receive more personalized treatment. We value each of our patients and work hard to serve your needs by offering quality, convenience and dedication to service. For more information, contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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Reasons For PET/CT Scans

PET/CT scans use radiation to evaluate organs and tissues at the cell level for the presence of any type of disease. They may also be used in some cases to see how well the heart, brain and other organs are functioning. PET/CT scans are most commonly used to detect cancer in its earliest stages to give you the best possible outcome for treatment. Sometimes PET/CT scans are used to investigate epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

At Hunterdon Imaging PA, we use PET/CT scans to generate detailed 3-D images of the inside of your body so we can see exactly how to approach treatment. These images are multidimensional and in color.

Effectiveness Of Treatment

PET/CT scans are extremely accurate at determining whether a tumor or mass is cancerous. In some cases when we perform the scan, we can eliminate the need for a surgical biopsy because the scan tells us if the tumor is benign, which is excellent for those who prefer a more noninvasive method of diagnosis and treatment.

What To Expect

When we schedule you for a PET/CT scan, we will perform the scan as an outpatient procedure. You’ll be required to fast for at least four hours before the procedure, but you should be sure to drink plenty of water. We can detail and offer all procedure instructions before we schedule the scan, including removing any jewelry.

Our physician will start the scan by injecting a small amount of radiotracer into a vein or directly into the organ. Typically, we will ask you to wait 60 to 90 minutes after the injection to give the radiotracer time to reach the targeted part of the body. We will also monitor you in a quiet room where you can lie down and relax. If you prefer, we can provide medication to alleviate anxiety.

We perform the scan in a special room where you will lie on a table that slides into a machine with a large hole similar to an MRI. The entire scan takes approximately 30 minutes and is not painful. One of our qualified practitioners will be close by to watch you during the scan in case you need anything.

After the scan, a radiologist will interpret the images and write up a report for one of our doctors. This process can take approximately 24 hours.

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Preparation Procedures

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