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At Hunterdon Radiological Associates, we offer a wide range of digital diagnostic services using advanced, state-of-the-art equipment. You can depend on us to provide reliable diagnostic radiology interpretation for a variety of conditions and diseases.

What Is Diagnostic Radiology?

Doctors have many options when diagnosing a patient’s condition. Techniques can be invasive, exploratory or non-invasive. Diagnostic radiology falls into the category of non-invasive, which means it can be performed in an outpatient environment without any type of surgery.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic radiology uses imaging scans to diagnose a patient with a specific disease. Tests and equipment that are used for these scans produce low doses of radiation to create highly detailed images that aid doctors in making an accurate diagnosis.

Some examples of diagnostic radiology include:

CT scans

These types of imaging techniques can be used to identify a wide range of medical problems, including broken bones, various heart conditions, blood clots and gastrointestinal issues.

Our Medical Staff

At Hunterdon Radiological Associates, we have licensed and board-certified technologists who perform many of these diagnostic radiology procedures using high-tech equipment.

Our Diagnostic Radiology Services

Our facility performs multiple imaging procedures that are helpful in identifying various diseases.

Bone Densitometry: Also called bone density testing, this is used to make a safe diagnosis of osteoporosis and measure the mineral content in a patient’s bones.

Multi-Slice CT Scans: This procedure allows our technicians to examine the soft tissue structures of vital organs, including the lungs, liver and pancreas. It can also help examine the sinuses and a patient’s facial structure.

3D Digital Mammography: This technology detects the presence of abnormalities within breast tissue.

Ultrasound: Often used to evaluate a fetus during pregnancy, ultrasound can also be used to obtain images of various organs and other tissues.
Digital X-rays: These images are used to diagnose fractures and broken bones, foreign bodies or issues with certain organs. Contact Hunterdon Radiological Associates

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We offer a variety of imaging services at our three convenient Diagnostic Imaging Centers in New Jersey.

Contact us at Brems Imaging Center in Annandale to schedule bone densitometry, CT scans, mammography, ultrasounds, or X-rays; Hunterdon Imaging, P.A., at Brems to schedule a wide-bore MRI; or Hunterdon Imaging, P.A., in Flemington to schedule a PET/CT scan or wide-bore MRI.

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