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Dedicated to providing quality diagnostic imaging to our community.

We offer the very best options in imaging and take pride in providing you with friendly, approachable care. Our state of the art equipment is accredited by the American College of Radiology. You may think your schedule is too busy to fit in an imaging appointment, but we provide appointment hours in the evening and on weekends for your convenience. We are dedicated to providing quality healthcare to the people in our community.

Services Provided

We now offer 3-D Digital Mammography, sometimes referred to as Digital Breast Tomosynthesis. The results are similar to what would happen if we were able to combine a CT scan and mammogram. The imaging process has the potential to reveal early signs of cancer that might be missed by a traditional mammogram. 3-D mammography uses low dose x-rays to create a three-dimensional view of the breast. This new revolutionary technique gives radiologists the ability to view inside the breast layer by layer. This allows radiologists to see fine details within the breast by minimizing overlapping tissues that could hide or mask abnormalities within the breast. This new technology does not replace the traditional 2-D mammogram; it is used in conjunction. By using low dose x-rays, the breast Tomosynthesis scanner rotates partially around the breast and takes images of the entire breast from different angles (typically 10-15 images). These images are known as slices. Once all the images have been taken, a state-of-the-art computer system assembles the slices into a 3-D model of the breast. The radiologist can then view the breast, slice by slice. This technology is similar to a CT Scan.

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  • Hunterdon Radiology provided great patient care as well as customer service for my child. Their caregivers really cared about my child's well-being.
  • Hunterdon Radiology has been a member of our community for generations. They cared for my dad like he was family.
  • I had a CT scan at Hunterdon Radiology last week and I was able to get a same day appointment with no waiting. My doctor got the scans he needed quickly and I was able to start treatment a few days later.